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AARP is fighting to support family caregivers who help make it possible for older Americans and other loved ones to live independently at home—where they want to be. “We were a sponsor for the first time last year and we had such a tremendous response that we knew we wanted to come back to support the event and community again,” said Gene Varela, AARP New Mexico State Director.

Click the videos below to hear personal stories from Carol, John, Michelle and Regina – all Oklahoma family caregivers that utilized AARP’s family … The free event will be held at the Richland Community Center, 410 East Harper St. “People were pleasantly surprised to see AARP New Mexico at Market and had fun at …

In October, 1999, it was as if I’d finally met my long lost locker pinup guy in the flesh.

A sullen, James Dean type in a black leather jacket with a perfect ass.

In short, the imagery takes Asian men lightly, as less-serious competitors for women, and less-competent fighters.

There’s very little about him that fits into the stereotypical ‘bedoin’ mold.

However, low-income older adults considering entrepreneurship as a career move, or who are looking to reenter the workforce in a nontraditional capacity face unique hurdles that can prevent them from successfully attaining their goals.

Creating and owning a business has long been heralded as a path to financial success and economic mobility.

He drove me so crazy, I spent weeks taking cold showers and long bicycle rides just to cool down. And so sexy, as I reminded him one evening over the phone, after he left his girlfriend to get together with me. ” he whispered to me, echoing the ruthless stereotype that somehow infected the modern world — that Chinese men can’t turn Western women on.

It’s no wonder we ended up here, given what Sheridan Prasso wrote in The Asian Mystique: For the most part, what we see of Asian male sexuality is the assertion of a stronger Western virility at the expense of Asian masculinity.

Many people have asked me what it’s like being an American woman married to an Arab man.

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Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe, a cofounder of Tinder who left in 2012 and filed a sexual harassment suit against the company. Forbes points out that because Wolfe previously filed suit against not only Tinder, but and IAC as well, she would have been working for the same company she sued had Bumble accepted the buyout.… continue reading »

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The type of man who makes a woman’s heart flutter has a lot to do with whether she was a daddy’s girl, according to a new study.… continue reading »

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