Bot dating

20-Dec-2017 19:44

If you stop replying at any point, so does the bot.

But choosing the option to say 'I'm uncomfortable' doesn't always stop the bot from making advances. There's also concerns the bots can be accessed by minors.

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Boost Juice has defended an online campaign to promote a new smoothie to young adults, following concerns it normalises predatory behaviour.

Men have to send hundreds of emails (or swipes) and women have to filter through them.

On average, it takes 1,000 messages/swipes to get 1 date! Unlike other dating apps and services, you can essentially get a virtual date in minutes.

This is something the clever minds who created Tinder need to solve.

The conversation given above is a simple example, but these bots seem to be getting even more sophisticated and are using artificial intelligence that can resemble a real conversation.

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Most Dating Apps require a huge time investment, just to get a conversation.

One might think, for example, of trying to trick the program by throwing in a non sequitur, but the bots can even catch that and say something like “Oh, I don’t get it.” The bots don’t need to always be successful on each interaction.